Our mission:
 to develop innovative products that reduce carbon footprint and promote a Less-is-More Lifestyle.

Less is More, a lifestyle

Prefab, shipped right to you.

Easy assembly, build your own future.

Functional. Simple. Sustainable.

The Less is More Philosophy:
A lifestyle that puts living above consuming.


From our products to our processes,  efficiency is a key value when reducing environmental impact.


Continuously seeking innovative ways to improve the way we build, consume, and live.


 Cultivating systemic growth and environmental awareness


Adopting a less-is-more mindset limits waste, consumes less energy, and can reduce one’s carbon footprint.

LIM Living is a self-funded startup company that manufactures easy-to-assemble homes.
Our methods are dedicated to functionality, simplicity, and sustainability.
 We focus on designing solutions that help reduce carbon footprint and promote a responsible lifestyle.


Improving our materials and methods to continually better our products and promote a more responsible lifestyle.

Purposeful Building

Products that are designed to perform, letting you build on what’s important.

Conscious Living

Dedicated to systemic growth, environmental  awareness, and selecting sensible materials.


Join the team

Be a part of an innovative team that cultivates growth on a personal and industrial level,
a team that strives to make a positive global impact.

We offer: Comprehensive Health Plans, Dental, Vision, Accrual-based PTO.
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