Facilitating Purposeful Building
Products that are designed to perform, letting you build on what’s important.
Flourishing From the Ground Up
Dedicated to growth, environmental awareness, and selecting sensible materials.
Less-is-More: A Lifestyle.

The LIM Living team is dedicated to finding impactful sustainable living solutions. Less is more
is not just our motto: it’s a way of life. We know how important sustainable living is, so we strive
to provide simple and manageable solutions to help you create the life you want.

We’re excited to work on making the less-is-more lifestyle possible for all people from all walks of life. We believe in our mission, and we are dedicated to you


Customer Focused
Choosing to live a LIM lifestyle takes commitment; that’s why we commit to you. We focus on quality materials and solutions that improve the lives of our customers and the environment.
Continuous Delivery
We are a team with a passion for the future of living. We promise to continue to move the needle forward, seeking to constantly improve our methods and materials for crafting the products that build a life that works for you.
Better Living
At LIM Living, our team is dedicated to discovering and building new ways to build a simple, sustainable, more conscious lifestyle.
Sustainable Business
With every decision, we strive to reduce our environmental impact throughout the full lifecycle of our product. We take conscious actions throughout our sourcing and manufacturing process.
Minimalist Lifestyle
We believe when you own less, you can make room for more of what matters.